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NuForce® is a California-based company devoted to the development of exceptionally fine consumer-electronic products. They launched their brand in 2005 with audiophile-quality switching amplifiers based on patented, proprietary technology, thereby promptly becoming a leader in audio’s high-end marketplace. This is no idle boast. NuForce has won Power Amplifier of the Year awards both in the United States and Japan. The company has since expanded into other aspects of consumer electronics. In addition to their celebrated two-channel and mono amps, the product line now includes headphones, loudspeakers, a music server, CD player, preamp, multi-channel amplifier, and cables.

NuForce takes particular pride in delivering consistently superior products at all price points. For example, in 2005 they produced the world’s most compact 300 watt switching power amp; in 2007, a preamp that operates at an astonishingly low 0.0004% THD (total harmonic distortion); and in 2009, an incredibly fast HDMI cable (20G/S at 2 meter).