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Audio Pro - LV2

A versatile speaker system that punches above its weight. Uncompressed wireless hassle free operation that can be used to connect to your computer, surround amplifier or use as a remote zone

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The Living LV2 speakers are the speakers which started the revolution, now worthy an 
update. Externally is the biggest news that LV2e will be available in red leather a long side 
black and white. Otherwise is the appriciated outside untouch in design. It’s on the inside 
and user freindliness where it is happening.
A new improved remote control in new design, 
a distinct and legible display which shows selected volume, channel and volume zone. With 
internal power supply there is even less clutter, and with the Zone button you can change 
voluem zone as easy as channel. LV2e can operate in two modes, Fullrange or Satellite, 
which is very useful if LV2e is used together with the wireless subwoofer LV-SUB. In Satellite 
mode together with LV-SUB, the system can play a massive 10dB higher!