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Rotel - RMB1585

• 200 watts x 5 channels high performance audio amplifier
• 200 watts x 5 channels 8 ohms
• Class AB energy efficient design
• 12 volt trigger

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Multichannel Power Amplifier

The RMB-1585, Rotel’s new flagship theater amplifier, provides both the massive power and sonic sophistication required by the finest home theater systems. With five channels, each capable of producing 200 continuous watts each into 8 ohm loads (a full kilowatt of output power!), the RMB-1585 masters any A/V system regardless of speaker load or room size.
But it isn’t just pure output power that distinguishes the RMB-1585. It’s the ability to reproduce both the dynamics of a Hollywood blockbuster and the musical nuances of acoustic instruments that sets it apart. Where does this balance come from? It’s a direct result of Rotel’s celebrated Balanced Design Concept in which circuit topology and parts selection meld in the pursuit of sonic excellence.