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This is a question we are asked over the phone more often than not.  While we are very experienced in our field of expertise, we cannot diagnose what isn’t in front of us (that is one skill we’re yet to acquire and we don’t use crystal balls, oh bother!). 

Unfortunately, in most situations, a description of the fault does not enable us to provide you with a price to repair.  This is because the majority of symptoms can be caused by various different faults, nor do they always point to the actual problem.  For example, we often have people tell us that their equipment powers up but turns itself off within seconds.

Most commonly this is the protection circuit activating – not the actual fault.  In this day and age electronics are manufactured with a protection circuit which senses a fault and turns the unit off to isolate the fault.  So if the protection circuit in your equipment activates, it is basically saying “don’t touch me, I’m broken”!  However, it does not tell us the exact component which has failed; or even what area of the circuitry the fault is located.  All we know is that the unit has a fault…what fault is anyone’s guess until the unit has been assessed in the workshop.

“No power” faults are also very common but impossible to diagnose because what is causing the unit not to power up?  A shorted transformer, a blown fuse, a faulty component (or 10) or a burnt-out power supply PCB?  You don’t know?  Well neither do we until we have a look!

Based on the above, we hope you can appreciate why we prefer not to give ballpark prices either as they are completely speculative.  And what is the point of speculating?  You need to know an accurate price so you can make an educated decision.  Therefore the only cost you need to consider at this early stage is whether or not your equipment is worth (to you) our $55.00 quote fee.  Our quote fee is very reasonably priced, if not below industry standard, and is well worth the money.  After all, having us assess your equipment and provide you with an accurate quote is the only way you will know for sure what the repair will cost.

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We aim to assess repairs within 3-5 working days.  At this stage, when the fault has been diagnosed and the cost to repair calculated, we contact you to discuss your quote and obtain approval before proceeding with the repair.  Depending on the nature of the fault and availability of parts, repairs can take a further 1-7 days to complete.  We aim for a total turnaround time of 10 working days (for a standard repair). 

Warranty repairs are usually completed within a 5-10 working day turnaround time, subject to part orders.

Unfortunately from time-to-time situations can occur which will prolong the repair time.  These situations include very intermittent or more complex faults; or when parts are required that suppliers do not have in stock.  While these delays are beyond our control, we always endeavor to complete repairs as promptly as possible.

For urgent repairs we offer an Express Service facility which is available for an additional upfront charge of $88.00 (refer Fees and Charges).  Should you decide to utilize this facility your equipment becomes the next repair to be assessed.  If we have the parts in stock it is possible for the repair to be completed on the same day.  If, however, parts need to be ordered, we will do so immediately and while we cannot “hurry up” the supplier, once we have received the part/s your repair becomes our top priority.  It must be remembered that paying the Express Service fee does not guarantee your repair will not be of a complex nature.  If you are considering paying for an Express Service and we suspect (to the best of our ability) there is a chance your repair will not be straight-forward, we will advise you accordingly.

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