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Service Calls

Surround sound system repairs in Brisbane

AV Digitech has qualified technicians and experienced installers available to call onsite to carry out limited repairs, rectify system installation issues and re-install equipment.

In this day and age there are limited repairs that can be carried out onsite.  Generally the only repair work that can be done in-home is to larger TV’s with connectivity issues, and while simple diagnosis can be preformed, more often than not a faulty TV will require workshop attention.  Servicing of audio equipment is completed in the workshop only.

Sometimes people can be unsure whether a problem they are experiencing with their AV system is due to a faulty piece of equipment or installation issues.  It is not always possible to reach a conclusion over the phone and it is more practical to have our technician come to your home to assess your AV install.  With a hands-on approach the technician will efficiently locate the problem and return your system to its original working order - and often even better!  If the problem is found to be due to faulty equipment, it can be returned to our workshop by the technician for assessment/repair.

AV Digitech also offers an on-site pickup and disconnection service.  You may find this convenient if you have a piece of equipment that is faulty and it is too complicated for you to disconnect/remove for servicing.  Or maybe you simply cannot get to our workshop within business hours?  If this service is of interest to you, please give us a call to discuss the charges. 

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