"Thank you again for your prompt and professional service. I am extremely happy with the projector and the amp is the bomb. I mean literally, it sounds like a bomb going offsometimes haha."

Vanessa Skipworth

"Thanks for sending this invoice through. And thanks especially for getting the job at my home completed so very well. I don't think I have ever used my home entertainment system (small as it is) with so much pleasure as I have done over the weekend. I am totally rapt at what has been done ... the look, the sound, the simplicity of it all, and know I will enjoy the outcome for many, many years."


"Thankyou for the excellent service I received with the recent upgrade of my home theatre system. The onsite assistance & willingness to go the extra mile in the cause of improving sound & picture quality, was much appreciated. The resulting upgrade has raised my level of interest & expanded the capabilities of a previous mediocre system."


"Thank you to David and the team .Sorted out our warranty claim for our Pioneer Rx VSX531 and repaired in quick time .Give them a go-you will not be disappointed"

Peter D

"My Onkyo receiver suffered the well-known HDMI board failure issue and I was advised by the company I purchased from to take it to these guys for warranty repair. They took the receiver no questions asked and repaired it quicker than was initially stated and just in time for Christmas. Can't ask for better service than that."

Dem Foo

"I have been having ongoing problems with my home theatre for the past two years in particular with the unit periodically not working after starting up. All I was getting was a "no signal " sign on the screen and it would go no further . I had one so called technician look at the equipment twice and could not find the problem and another one after that that told me I would probably need to replace the receiver at around $1000 . A.V. Digitech was recommend to to me by one of my employees as a company that new what they were doing when it came to fixing this kind of stuff so I decided as a last resort to get them out to have a look at it. Could not be more pleased with them . The owner of the business , David , came out and not only did he get everything up and going again he also went to great pains to try and explain what the problem was , and it had nothing to do with the receiver at all. Good honest and professional service , I will be staying with them in the future and will recommend this company to anyone I know like me who has problems with this kind of stuff and who like me has no idea how it works . Total cost only $154.00 could not be happier."

Greg Kohl

"Thank you so much for fixing my old Bose system. I was told by a BOSE Re-seller that I wouldn’t be able to replace the component that failed, and I would have to buy a complete new system. Your team replaced the broken component and I couldn’t be happier! Thank you!!!"

Nathan Brett

"We have known AV Digitech for 20 years and have always had the highest quality of service and knowledge from this business who handles high end equipment and technology. David’s commitment to ethics and honesty is first and foremost. We will always support someone with knowledge as apposed to the mainstream outlets who just want to sell the latest technology that has arrived on the market."

Noel Joliffe

"Fantastic service with fixing my old sound bar 2.1 channel and bought a beautiful Polk soundbar from them and I love it thank you David and the team you rock."

Kirsty Ravenscroft

"These guys are awesome! Any HiFi repairs you need they can probably handle. Saved me heaps!"

Darren McCormack

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